2015 Surfing Australia Rule Book - Page 24

Beach Marshal The Beach Marshal ensures that all competitors are checked-in for their heat, have their correct singlet colours and are briefed with the event rules. The Contest Director will provide a list of such rules as well as a rule book for the Beach Marshal detailing the following information, which is then used in competitor briefings: Heat time, number of scoring waves, maximum number of waves, describe disc colours and horn blasts (Green until 5 minutes remaining, Yellow until end of heat, one horn to start, and two horns for end of heat), describe priority rule and give disc location (in oneon-one heats), prone-in after heat, when to paddle-out and where to wait for start of heat. The Beach Marshal reports to the Contest Director and receives instructions on the judging criteria and rules from the Head Judge and the Surfing Australia Technical Director. Work Force/Work Crew Used to set-up and tear-down the event site. The work force reports to the Contest Director and the Event Coordinator. Security To keep the competition and official areas free from unauthorised entry by non-competitors and spectators and to keep the site secure overnight. Security reports to the Event Coordinator and Contest Director. 22 SURFING AUSTRALIA RULE BOOK