2015 Surfing Australia Rule Book - Page 23

NATIONAL EVENT STRUCTURE Local Judging Panel The local judging panel is selected by the Surfing Australia Judging Manager and the Head Judge, from the National Judges Register as the best approved local talent to be considered for future inclusion on the national judging roster. All judges will report to the Event Head Judge and Technical Director. No competitors can officiate. Judges of Surfing Australia sanctioned events cannot have any perceived vested interests. This includes being a relative, coach or manager. All judges must be currently registered as a State or International Surfing Australia Judge on the National Judges Register. The recommended pay rates for a judge at all Surfing Australia National events is a minimum AUD $170 per day. This is a recommended rate only and event budgets will dictate the final amounts. Overtime rates are applicable to all Surfing Australia sanctioned and or national events. A day’s judging is considered to be 8 hours from the start of competition (or if on hold, the original start time). Overtime rates for judges will be $15 per hour for each judge. Judges will only work for a maximum of 10 hours unless under extreme circumstances. This must be agreeable with the Head Judge and judges. Computer Operator Appointed by Surfing Australia and provides a complete computer scoring system which is designed for providing the surfers with live up to date scoring and subsequent places in the heat. All hardware and software are supplied by the Computer Operator except the Announcers’ monitors, TV monitors for competitors, media, VIP and other areas the event wishes to have them available for. The pay rates for a Computer Operator and computer system hire may vary and are available by contacting the Surfing Australia National Office. Timers, Disc Operators and Spotters Work on a rotation basis calling colours, operating priority and timing discs and reports to the Head Judge. www.surfingaustralia.com 21