2015 Surfing Australia Rule Book - Page 21

NATIONAL EVENT STRUCTURE 4. NATIONAL EVENT STRUCTURE 1. EVENT STAFFING Event Coordinator Co-ordinates all necessary event logistics and operations as decided on by the event sponsors, prepares the format and schedules, and ensures that everyone is contributing towards the event and are doing their assigned tasks. Reports directly to the event sponsors and liaises with the Surfing Australia Event Manager and Technical Director. Contest Director Ensures the surfing aspect of the event runs on schedule and according to the rules and that the staff are not making any errors. The Contest Director decides the event location if mobile and the daily running schedule and format. The Contest Director reports to the Event Coordinator and works with the Surfing Australia Technical Director and Head Judge. Surfing Australia Technical Director The Technical Director of the Surfing Australia National Titles has several roles including; To be the Surfing Australia representative in technical matters relating to the event To chair or represent Surfing Australia at the Managers’ and State representatives’ meeting To conduct the compulsory pre-event seminar on Judging and Officiating To mentor and provide support to the Event Head Judge To provide an overall event report and evaluation to the Surfing Australia Board and management To provide individual Judges’ evaluation reports in consultation with the Event Head Judge To maintain national officiating standards and operations that reflects a professional surfing event www.surfingaustralia.com 19