2015 Surfing Australia Rule Book - Page 17

SURFING AUSTRALIA NATIONAL TITLES AND SANCTIONED EVENTS 11. PERPETUAL AWARDS/TROPHIES All perpetual trophies are to remain with Surfing Australia. All special award winners and team victors are to receive trophies depicting their achievements. 12. TEAM RESULTS Team results will be decided by a team event, or by the points formula as per this rule book at all National Championships. 13. JUDGES AND EVENT OFFICIALS All judges must be registered as an International Surfing Australia Judge on the national register. Surfing Australia has the right to insist on the minimum professional standards expected, of every judge, at sanctioned SA events. Judges of SA sanctioned events cannot have any perceived vested interests. This includes being a relative, coach or manager. No competitors can officiate at National events. State Judge Nomination Process and Requirements: All judges must be accredited with a Level 3 qualification State branches must ensure the best and most experienced available judges are nominated Judges must supply a recent record of current judging activity outlining event names, dates and scale of each event (i.e. Regional, State, National and International) All nominations must be submitted to the Surfing Australia Judging Manager for approval At Junior National titles it is recommended that student officials be included in the judging roster if of the appropriate standard and or fulfil other duties such as spotting and shadow judging All approved judges will be notified within 3 days after the closing date of the nomination period for each event. Judging Evaluations Judging evaluations must be maintained by Head Judges on all judges at all sanctioned events and forwarded to the Surfing Australia Judging Manager for Surfing Australia’s records. Evaluation sheets can be downloaded online at www.surfingaustralia.com or can be issued upon request to the Surfing Australia office. www.surfingaustralia.com 15