2015 NPAA Magazine 2015 volume 1 - Page 64

NPAA Saskatchewan SUPER COUPLE Neil & Erika Tkatchuk Inspire in the gym & in their community Neil and Erika Tkatchuk own and operate Trench Fitness in Regina, Saskatchewan. Their mission is simple and to the point. They have a burning desire to provide a no non-sense, science and experience based approach to nutrition and training that appeals to anyone looking to make a healthy lifestyle change. This dynamic duo provides motivational and educational tools to each of their clients whether it is a natural bodybuilding athlete looking to step on stage, or “Betty Sue” looking to drop some post baby body-fat and set a healthier, more positive example for her children. The Tkatchuks’ believe that everyone is entitled to the joyous experience of developing and maintaining a healthy body. In 2013 Neil and Erika hosted their first ever deadlift fundraiser in which money was raised based on the amount that each contestant lifted. This event held a special meaning to the Tkatchuks, as Erika was diagnosed with Lupus in 2012 and battles the autoimmune disease on a daily basis. 2014 brought about the 2nd annual “Lift-off for Lupus” in which they managed to raise over $5000 for the Saskatchewan Lupus Society. The 2nd “LiftOff” took on a special meaning as Erika and Neil were blessed with the opportunity to coach a group of Special Olympics Powerlifting athletes for the event. The event marked the first time these special athletes had lifted on a platform in front of a live audience. Neil and Erika started coaching this group of special Olympians in 2013 and it was quite an accomplishment for their team one year later. With their new found confidence, the group of special athletes prepared and competed in their first sancti ۙY