2015 NPAA Magazine 2015 volume 1 - Page 60

michelle Salt para-olympian lights up the npaa stage Who is Michelle Salt? What’s next for Michelle Salt? I’m a farm girl from outside of leduc, Alberta. I love speed, challenges and being told something isn’t possible. I have a career I love as a Realtor and in my “off time”, I train for events in Snowboarding, Cycling and Fitness Comps. In 2011, I was in a near fatal motorcycle accident, only a month and a half after walking the fitness stage for the first time. I broke numerous bones, was on life support for 7 days and in the end, lost my right leg above the knee. My accident has allowed me to open my mind to be a better, more driver and dedicated me. For that, I’m grateful! Well.. I’m going to continue snowboarding as a National Para-athlete and compete in the Winter games again. I recently decided I want to try and cycle my way to the 2016 Rio Paralympics becoming a dual sport Paralympian so my focus has shifted from snow to the pavement and track. I would also love to compete again so maybe November? We shall see! WHAT DO YOU TELL YOURSELF WHEN YOU FEEL SCARED OR INTIMIDATED BY A GOAL? What does that inner voice say that picks you up? My late business partner used to always say “when you feel the worst and you try your hardest, you gain the most”. I tell myself that if I fail, it’s ok because at least I tried. WHAT DID WALKING ON THE NPAA COMPETITION STAGE MEAN TO YOU AND YOUR JOURNEY? I knew from the moment I found out about my leg I wanted to walk the stage again. Though I had originally talked about competing within the first year after my accident, It became obvious after I came home from the hospital I needed to take the time to heal and allow myself to embrace my new life and all the challenges that came with it. It was a big step getting back in a bikini and strutting my stuff but throughout the process, I saw something new in me. I saw a side that would fight through the pain and talk my lazy side out of not going to the gym. I found my love for working out again which I’m very excited about! And of course, without Wendy and Kevin and the NPAA organization, I wouldn’t of been able to do. The amount of support was so heartwarming. 59.