2015 NPAA Magazine 2015 volume 1 - Page 59

By Arysta Bogner, B. Kin. Mobility Coach & Kettle Bell Instructor World Champion Bikini Model & Developer of the Travel RollerĀ® Lastly the Adductors. The inner thighs can have a great impact on low back health and function. The focus of this influence on lower back health is the adductor magnus, which is the largest muscle in the inner thigh. It can be over compensated and tight due to a weak core and glutes and once its too tight and short can really affect pelvis position, and subsequently low back health. If you are wanting to squat, lunge, deadlift and jump higher you must unlock your adductors! The best ways to unlock the adductors are by placing the Travel Roller on the inner thigh in a plank position on the ground with the leg out to the side with knee bent. Rocking side to side with small cross fiber movements. Also you can try sitting on a chair, bench or coffee table with your leg handing off the edge and appl