2015 NPAA Magazine 2015 volume 1 - Page 52

IIFYMvs CLEAN EATING Learn the pros and cons of both Brett Godin The flexible diet does not label foods as bad but rather educates most athletes to acquire a healthy outlook on eating. This form of dieting may reduce stress for an individual by reducing the guilt or shame one may have if they ate a pop-tart instead of a yam for a carb source for example. #IIFYM: If it fits your macros Is this the newest trend of competition prep, or is it here to stay as a viable option for many competitors. Here is what NPAA Men’s Physique Athlete Brett Godin has to say about this form of flexible dieting. Flexible dieting has been shown to be extremely effective in allowing people to not eat every two hours or panic about going out for dinner or celebrating a special occasion. Foods become fun and there is no emphasis on a "cheat day". During competition prep there are refeed meals that allow replenishment of sources of macronutrients that may be needed to achieve gains. The reason why I use flexible dieting with my athletes is simple; I try to teach them to not equate food with being “the enemy”. Dieting can be hard and contest prep can be even more challenging for many. 51. I have used flexible dieting, and had the best short term and long term attainable lifestyle without having to live on the confines of timed eating, or eating out of a cooler all the time. The best diet I can say is using an anti-inflammatory diet made of a rich volume of healthy macro & micronutrients. Fibre, sodium as well as protein, carbs and fats are all monitored specifically to obtain goals. Flexible dieting has been a saviour in my life and I will continue to coach on this process. The number one priority of anyone embarking on this nutrition lifestyle is to educate yourself (or work with a coach) on eating the foods you love in a proper amounts to meet your macros. This process makes food fun and enjoyable. Some people enjoy eating off a diet plan that someone has created with the formula of clean eating, I realized that this type of program is just not for me! I enjoy eating the foods I love, and it helps me to enjoy the journey of competition prep and healthy living.