2015 NPAA Magazine 2015 volume 1 - Page 51

Protein Apple Oatmeal Bake This was one of the first concoctions I ever created using all natural ingredients to make a satisfying and flour-free healthy snack.  And it's still one of my favs because of how easy, deliciously moist and well-balanced it is.  You could also make muffins from it, but I love the ease of pouring it into a baking pan and then cutting into good sized squares that can be individually frozen and pulled out anytime for a balanced breakfast or snack on-to-go.   1 cup low-fat almond milk 4 egg whites or ½ cup liquid whites ½ cup non-fat greek yogurt ½ unsweetened apple sauce 3 2 4 3 1 3 2 1 scoops vanilla protein powder cups quick oats tbsp ground flax seed tbsp chia seeds tsp baking soda tbsp cinnamon apples chopped cup frozen or fresh blueberries Spray 9x12 casserole dish, preheat oven to 350. Mix all wet ingredients, beat lightly. In another bowl, combine all dry ingredients. Pour dry ingredients into wet ingredients, then add apples and blueberries and mix well. Pour into pan and bake uncovered for 25-30 minutes. Makes 12 - 100g/3.75 ounce servings Calories: 151.25 | Carb: 14.4g | Protein: 16.5g | Fat: 3.4g Fiber: 4.25g Pina Colada Smoothie Nothing makes you feel like sunny like a Pina Colada – Smoothie that is! ½ -1 cup crushed ice