2015 NPAA Magazine 2015 volume 1 - Page 50

RECIPES from figure athlete Styner Y vette Turkey Meatballs As competitors, we eat a lot of ground turkey! So I’m always looking for new flavors to make meatballs. This one forgoes my go-to oregano & chilis, and offers a refreshing change with a bit of an Asian flavor. A low-sodium sweet soy sauce would be great for dipping! 4 chopped green onions 1 cup dry gluten-free bread crumbs 1 cup fresh cilantro * I put the above three ingredients in my food processor to get a great finely chopped finish 2 tbsp tamari or low-sodium soy sauce 1 tbsp toasted sesame oil 2 lb. ground turkey CHOCOLATE AVOCADO PUDDING This is an all-time fav! No one will ever know it’s not sinful! Everyone I serve it to is completely shocked when they hear what’s in it. 1 large ripe avocado 1 tbsp unpasteurized honey (more to taste if desired) 2 tbsp organic cocoa powder 2/3 cup (or just slightly less for thicker texture) non-fat almond milk Blend all ingredients in magic bullet. Pour into two dessert bowls and garnish with nuts, coconut, or mint leaves. 49. Mix all well together, form into 1-1.5 inch balls, and sauté in covered sauce pan in an inch of water til cooked through. Uncovered and pan-fry a minute or so to brown edges.