2015 NPAA Magazine 2015 volume 1 - Page 40

ANDREWBAMBURY What motivates you to live this lifestyle? It all started at age 16 when I first entered the gym. Once I saw changes in my body I really liked how it made me feel. I just wanted to keep going. This led me to be a personal trainer and share my knowledge with others. I feel I’m strongly motivated by my profession as a coach as well as other athletes/coaches in the industry. If you were dropped on an abandoned is: land for 1 week what 3 things would you bring with you and why? Number 1: I would bring water, actually a lot of water. If I don’t have clean fresh water then I’m not likely to survive for a week. What would people say is your best instinct or attribute? Number 2:A tub of protein powder, or a batch of protein brownies. I don’t want to suffer the muscle loss so keeping protein on hand would be helpful and it won’t go bad after a week. I think my best attribute is self-awareness. I have worked very hard on listening to my own body and doing what is needed. Number 3:A survival knife. It would be used for shelter, food, fire and protection. What advice do you have for models starting out in this sport?? Find a coach that is or has been a fitness model before. Make sure they are well experienced and they walk the walk. and MR