2015 NPAA Magazine 2015 volume 1 - Page 4

M I S S I O N A C C O M P L I S H E D A great natural federation is born The most dedicated, spirited, gifted, hardworking and gracious athletes have walked the NPAA stage and promote this amazing sport of natural competing in our country… As the presidents of The Natural Physique and Athletics Association, we are so proud of what our federation stands for and the amazing community it has become since 2012. We realize that there is more to competing than just training, and having a federation provide a stage. The sport of bodybuilding is about continual improvement, and as a federation we hold this truth to the very heart of who we are. We always strive to be better, do better and provide the best experience for our athletes. The past few years are just the beginning for the capabilities of our beautiful and inspiring federation. The Natural Physique and Athletics Association is growing, expanding and learning from those that make up our core, “the athletes”. We love what we do, and adore this unparalleled natural platform that now exists for our sport. PRESIDENTS MESSAGE Dr. Kevin Ashby & Dr. Wendy Carvalho-Ashby Co founders & Co Presidents of the NPAA The theme of this issue of NPAA Magazine is Eat, Play, Love. This topic was such an obvious choice after becoming witness to the amazing stories of our NPAA athletes. Our roster of winners of the Heart and Transformation Award define “perseverance and inspiration”. Somehow these athletes found strength from the food they ate, used the gym as a place to play through some mental, physical or spiritual pain and in the end they used this love of our sport to heal an aspect of their life. These athletes adapted the mentality of warriors, never looking backwards they achieved their goals, and in the end inspired so many to make a change. We want to acknowledge and recognize that many individuals who compete with the NPAA are warriors in their own right. They did not build their physique or physical “e