2015 NPAA Magazine 2015 volume 1 - Page 38

Chelsey Tarnow Sarah Fournier WHY DID I COMPETE WITH NPAA Deciding to compete again in the NPAA was an easy decision for me. Actually a planned one. I competed in my first NPAA competition in May 2012 and was elated to place 5th in Fitness Tall category. I decided to start training for that show a week after going back to work teaching grade 1 full time post maternity leave. WHO DO I HOPE TO INSPIRE? After making it to the stage again in May 2014, along with my good friend who had a baby the same year with me, I saw the dramatic positive change in her life. So my hope is to inspire other moms like her out there who think it might not be possible to take on such an amazing journey. Often us busy moms put our needs last and I can honestly say that getting into shape and eating healthy is the best thing I could do myself, and my family. I also want to show my kids that a healthy lifestyle is important and that it is something we make time for as a family. I am not dragging myself through the day after eating cookie dough, chocolate and really anything in sight all afternoon to keep myself going. I have a ton more energy to be there for my students at school and family. FAVOURITE BODY GROUP TO TRAIN? A huge success for me was seeing abs in place of a big baby belly. Hence core is one of my favorite body parts to train. WHY DID I COMPETE WITH NPAA? I chose to compete with the NPAA because I believe whole heartedly in what the association stands for. Before competing, I attended one of their pre-competition workshops to get a feel for the association and I was blown away by how helpful, down to earth, professional, personable and supportive the NPAA Team was. Prior to registering for a show, I had a few specific questions about competing within the association and my inquiries were answered promptly in full. I felt as though the Team wanted me to feel prepared and supported as an athlete in my personal fitness pursuit. Not only does the NPAA have a mission statement and vision that resonates with my fitness goals, it is evident by the way the association operates that they intend to stick to their mission, their set values and want only the best for the future of the sport, as well as the athletes. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this amazing community! WHO DO I HOPE TO INSPIRE? I hope to inspire people of all ages regardless of where they are in their personal health and fitness journey. My hope is to excite others to treat their body to clean nutrient sources and to enjoy various forms of exercise. Our bodies are natural machines; I say why not give them all the tools we can to help build and allow them to operate as well and efficiently as possible! FAVOURITE BODY GROUP TO TRAIN? FAVOURITE CLEAN EATING SNACK? Kale chips (one of my son’s favourite too!) Deltoids and abdominals! FAVOURITE CLEAN EATING SNACK My LONG TERM ATHLETIC GOALS WITH NPAA? I love dreaming big, so I am planning to keep going with a half-marathon and potentially a full marathon in November. I hope to continue on my fitness (life) journey with the NPAA next May, if that is what the future holds! Once you have started competing it is hard to stop, feeling good is addicting! 37. A Mexican inspired veggie egg scramble with avocado and salsa, MY LONG TERM ATHLETIC GOAL WITH NPAA? To build and compete as an NPAA Elite-Pro, and become eligible to compete as an IFPA Bikini Pro athlete. Competing or not, I will continue to be excited about looking after my body, expanding my health and fitness knowledge base, being inspired and hopefully inspiring others. Without a doubt, health and fitness is my passion and ‘this is our sport’!