2015 NPAA Magazine 2015 volume 1 - Page 31

The benefits of massage in bodybuilding can increase their competitiveness by enhancing their performance and helping them reach their physical potential. The effects of hard training and injuries can impair their bodybuilding development. Massage can combat the negative effects of bodybuilding and may even help them gain greater muscle mass, develop a more proportional and symmetrical physique. Range of Motion: Massage treatments support healthy range of motion for bodybuilders. Tightness of the muscles can limit range of motion and using tight muscles can definitely cause injuries. Massage therapy stretches bundles of your muscle fibers lengthwise and sideways to improve tissue elasticity. It also may release tension or pressure by stretching out the sheath or fascia around your muscles. Often muscular scar tissue is developed and this can produce inflexible tissue and increases the risk for injury and pain. Massage can restore mobility by breaking down scar tissue caused by over training or previous injury. According to Mel Cash, the gentle stretching of your muscles keeps then in good condition, maintains the health of connective tissue and improves the condition of your joints. Muscle Tone: Massage supports a well-defined bodybuilding physique by increasing circulation that improves your muscle tone. Damaged or tight muscles do not hold blood well and may diminish muscle tone. Pumping techniques may be used to help move fluid through blood vessels and lymph nodes. This improves muscle tone by helping damaged and tight tissues get nutrients required for growth and repair. Psychological: Receiving a massage before a bodybuilding competition can improve the client’s performance by enhancing his mental awareness, boost the client’s level of confidence and their outlook on body image. Bodybuilding training often increases the clients stress levels, using massage the therapist is able to induce relaxation and reduce stress levels. MASSAGE AFTER A COMPETITION: Most athletes that have massages after Recovery: their event say this is the best method of Muscles need recovery nutrients to repair damage and grow for bodybuilding. Massage speeds up recovery by increasing muscle tissue permeability to a variety of helpful and natural substances the body gives off, such as endorphins, which are your body’s natural painkiller. It is also able to induce microcirculation by opening and stretching blood vessels; this helps nutrients pass through efficiently. Massage is very good at facilitating the removal of wastes and will help reduce that post work-out fatigue and allow you to train harder and decrease the chances of injury. relaxation, massage helps the body and mind relax. Massages performed after a workout or competition helps to relieve the effects of muscular fatigue, soreness and stiffness and it allows the muscles to maintain flexibility and looseness. The joints, tendons and ligaments are also helped in the same matter. 30.