2015 NPAA Magazine 2015 volume 1 - Page 3

OUR TEAM Tim Dardis Official Photographer Tim is a Calgary based photographer that has been able to combine his passion for working with people and his interest in the fitness lifestyle into a transitional career. His work has appeared in a variety of publications and he enjoys taking on a wide-range of photography projects. THANK YOU TO OUR CONTRIBUTERS Dr. Wendy Carvalho-Ashby and Dr. Kevin Ashby Tim Dardis Fatima Leite Kusch Arysta Bogner Yvette Styner Laurie Dickson Brett Godin Duane DeJager Cyndi Gonzalez Neil and Erika Tkatchuk Michelle Salt Holly Barker Cover Credits: Photography by Paul McGrath. Cover girls custom bikini’s designed by Caba Fashions, hair and make up by Shannon Payne. Paul McGrath Photographer Calgary based photographer Paul McGrath specializes in working with people. Before becoming a photographer Paul worked as a model internationally. This allows him to draw on that experience and help bring out the best in the people he is working with. Paul says “ I love the stories pictures tell, the history they create and the memories that they give. Photography is not work, it is what I love to do!” When asked, what do you specialize in? Paul always says with a smile, “ I specialize in people, introducing people to themselves through a fresh pair of eyes.” Ron Perron Photographer Ron Perron is a multi published Vancouver based photographer and filmmaker with a sole focus on athletes. After gaining mentorship by some powerhouses in the industry Ron merged his two great loves of athletics and photography to become a fitographer. Ron relates so well with his clients because he has a diverse background. He moved away from a difficult home environment at 15 years old, pursued a career in music and over the past 20+ years became an expert in photography, graphic design and multi media creation. This morphed into a fledgling photography company, “Fitography”. Rheana Fehr Graphic Designer Caba Fashions Rheana is a creative visionary with a passion for people, design, health and fitness. She joined the NPAA family as an athlete in 2013, and has since moved to the other end of the spectrum - working behind the scenes with the creative design. For Rheana, creativity is a way of life.