2015 NPAA Magazine 2015 volume 1 - Page 27

AS A NATURAL ATHLETE WHAT IS YOUR BEST KEPT FOR BUILDING A TOP FORM PHYSIQUE? As a natural athlete, the best secret for success is mindset. Having a winning mentality that drives you to be in the gym pursuing your dream physique is an absolute necessity. Keeping your knowledge up to date on the science of nutrition and proper supplementation is also imperative as the hardest part, in my mind, of competing is the nutrition. Having the proper mental attitude and aptitude to tie everything together ultimately dictates how successful you can be. You must have the integrity and tenacity to stay true to yourself and your goals. WHY DO YOU COMPETE WITH THE NPAA? WHAT DO YOU HOPE TO ACHIEVE? I chose the NPAA as it is a tested natural fitness federation. I truly believe in achieving as much as you can naturally. I want to be able to inspire people to better themselves in both fitness and life. My hopes are that I can inspire others to push their physical and mental capacities to their maximum potential so that they can start inspiring others as well. This will hopefully lead to a large positive impact promoting health and fitness for all. On a more personal note I would like to achieve pro status as a natural fitness competitor. Gavin Lee WHAT DO YOU DO ON A REST DAY FROM THE GYM? The only rest days I take are the ones where the gym is closed. I have learned through years of training and studying that the body will adapt to what it is forced to go through. That being said, pushing to the limit on the same body part day in and day out is detrimental as you cannot recover fully ultimately leading to injury. Another caveat to that is you must know how to eat and supplement right to ensure that your body is receiving the proper nutrition to repair and recover from your workout. YOUR F AVOURITE WORKOUT IS? My favourite workout is arm blaster barbell curls. It is a highly specific workout that garners a fantastic pump and amazing results. Being able to isolate a muscle is challenging as accessory muscles aid all the time. Omar El-Sayed AS A NATURAL ATHLETE WHAT IS YOUR BEST KEPT SECRET FOR BUILDING A TOP FORM PHYSIQUE? To be honest, I don’t feel there’s a ‘secret’ to building a top form physique. It all stems from three key pillars: exercise, nutrition, and recovery. With regards to exercise; you need the right amount of intensity, volume, and consistency in your workouts. With regards to nutrition; this needs to be 100% in tune with your individual goals and body type; it needs to fulfill your body’s needs, and complement your training. With regards to recovery; this is by far the most underestimated key to success. Your body needs sufficient rest to grow, strengthen, and repair whatever damage you’ve subjected it to. Final advice; take the time to get to know your body, figure out what works best for you, and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. WHY DO YOU COMPETE WITH THE NPAA? WHAT DO YOU HOPE TO ACHIEVE? First and foremost, I respect them for being a natural, drug-free organization. Apart from that, it provides me with the opportunity to grow as an athlete and get recognized for my hard work and efforts. Also, it’s growing vastly, bringing a lot of athletes with amazing physiques from all over; which really challenges me to bring the best physique I can bring! And that’s exactly what I hope to achieve. I’m not sure exactly how far I’ll take it yet, but it’ll be exciting to see! WHAT DO YOU DO ON A REST DAY FROM THE GYM? This doesn’t happen often, considering I work in a gym, but when I do, I pamper myself! Starting with an alarm-less sleep in (which usually consumes the majority of my day), followed by a stress-free low-key evening with loved ones! Oh, and of course, some Froyo. There needs to be some Froyo in there somewhere. YOUR F AVOURITE WORKOUT IS? Chest and biceps. Favorite exercise is the guillotine press. 2.