2015 NPAA Magazine 2015 volume 1 - Page 26

of the NPAA AS A NATURAL ATHLETE WHAT IS YOUR BEST KEPT SECRET FOR BUILDING A TOP FORM PHYSIQUE? As a natural athlete, I honestly don’t have a best kept secret however I would have to say this; consistency. In your meal prep, training, sleeping and eating. Without one of these, then your physique suffers. WHY DO YOU COMPETE WITH THE NPAA? WHAT DO YOU HOPE TO ACHIEVE? I choose to compete with the NPAA because it’s an all natural show and because the everyday guy can obtain a men’s physique look with hard work, dedication and a healthy lifestyle. I hope to achieve one day my pro card, compete on a national level and inspire others around me to be active. WHAT DO YOU DO ON A REST DAY FROM THE GYM? Good question, I still think about working out on my rest days. In the mean time, it depends if it’s summer or winter. During the summer, I like to hit the lake boating or ride my race quad. During the winter season, I enjoy snowmobiling or hit up an outdoor hockey rink. YOUR F AVOURITE WORKOUT IS? My favourite workout has to be le