2015 NPAA Magazine 2015 volume 1 - Page 24

LIFEON & OFF THE STAGE NPAA AS A FEDERATION IS PROUD TO HAVE EXPANDED TO SASKATCHEWAN. AS A PROVINCE SASKATCHEWAN HAS ALWAYS PRODUCED INCREDIBLE ATHLETES WHO HAVE AMAZING STORIES. WE SPENT SOME TIME GETTING TO KNOW HOLLY BARKER AND ASKED HER A FEW CANDID QUESTIONS ABOUT LIFE ON AND OFF THE STAGE AND HER REFRESHING POSITIVITY IS CERTAINLY DISPLAYED BY HER ANSWERS. ENJOY THIS INTERVIEW: Who is Holly Barker? Tell us about the competitor, business woman, sponsored athlete and model? Holly Barker is an optimistic realist. I would like to think I am ambitious and opportunistic. I see potential in a lot of things and I see potential in every one. I see where others give up and I have chosen to become a voice to inspire others to live this life adventurously with me. I am surrounded by energy. I am mentored by amazing professionals. I choose to not see the differences, but to focus on the similarities we all possess. We are all equally capable to love our best lives every day. I will never quit. I will move forward. I am who I hope to be with every adventure I experience. If I do not believe in the power of me, then who will. I am Holly Barker. Why did you start competing ? I have always been into fitness. I took part in group sports all throughout my life, but it was not until I discovered the solo sport of cross country running that I really became passionate about individual accomplishment through sport. In university, I continued to run and loved doing laps in the pool, but my knowledge on nutrition and how to shape my body was something I knew little about. I always felt bad. I would eat and feel sick. I would eat until I felt sick. I would try to not eat and end up feeling sick. No matter what, I never felt good about how I looked. I was introduced to the gym and healthier eating when I met my husband Brett. He was into the gym and cooked me healthy meals when I visited his condo. Chicken, broccoli, rice was always a staple supper option and he was always willing to cook for two! It was so fun to cook healthy together and to workout together. I admired the girls in the magazines and was an avid wisher of the bodies of strength they had. Years went by, but my knowledge of what it took was not fully realized until I signed up for my first bikini competition 23. in April 2011. We had just started our first Anytime Fitness franchise fall 2010 and were set to get married April 2011. I figured, what better way to step up my ga YH[