2015 NPAA Magazine 2015 volume 1 - Page 23

How do I promote team spirit? I lead by example. There are rules and guidelines listed for any team member to follow but I have always believed that actions speak louder than words. Even if I tell people this group is a support system for you online...I know that once they see that it really is...they feel welcome and safe to share their journey. Whether a client is struggling or triumphant they will see this space is open and honest and available to them 24/7. We are 100% online so this is how we communicate... All online! I am proud of the fact that when we do come together for events you would think we see each other all the time. The bond that is created here is very special. Advice on goal setting Aside from what I believe is the obvious... Set large goals and make small goals to reach along the way.... Remember that life throws curveballs and things sometimes get thrown at you that may cause your current goal to be too challenging to achieve at the pace you first planned. Don’t give up! Rewrite your goals to fit your new situation. Baby steps are better than going backwards or going nowhere! Keep going! I have co-written a workbook with Sports Psychologist to many Olympians and a dear client and friend Leslie Lewis called Athletes Mindset Workbook –it all relates to setting goals and achieving them. Advice for living life off the stage and after competing It’s important to remember your stage body is just for stage. However what I think is critical is to find the balance off the stage. What I have my clients aim for is what I call 365 body/mind. This is a balance between eating healthy and working out a realistic amount to maintain a healthy mind and body all year round . This I believe is the hardest part of a competitor journey. To be able to find the balance between the intensity of a show prep, and a year round healthy and fit body is important. Perspective on sportsmanship A shows focus should always be on you bringing your best. It’s you against you always. If you walk into a show and bring the best you can, and did everything you could to improve yourself...then you have won. Compare ”YOU” to yourself only. It’s fun to win trophies, however there is much opinion involved and so many elements that you have no control over, so try not to use the outcome as validation of your success. If you walk into a show feeling amazing, you should walk out feeling the same way no matter the outcome of your placing. 22.