2015 NPAA Magazine 2015 volume 1 - Page 13

For 50-year-old Michele Tse, a personal motto of “No limits!” has served her well for many decades.  With her sights set on a strong placing at the 2014 Yorton Cup in Washington D.C., Michele combined all her experience to help guide her in search of her ultimate fitness goal; an IFPA pro card. The IFPA is the larger American affiliate to the NPAA and boasts the highest calibre of natural athletes in the sport. Her attendance at the Yorton Cup was not the only milestone for Michele in 2014.  Three days after the Washington D.C. show, she turned an amazing 50 years old!  Quite an accomplishment for someone who only entered her first fitness show in September 2011 in the Novice ranks of the NPAA. Michele has a tremendously varied athletic background.  She has competed in gymnastics, cross country running, and also track & field.  She began weight training at the age of 19 and progressed into competitive powerlifting in her early 20’s where she won all three meets that she entered. Life changed dramatically for Michele in 1987 when she was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident.  The resulting injuries ended her career as a diesel mechanic and her ability to continue powerlifting during her 6 months of recovery physiotherapy.  Medical officials told Michele that the injuries to her neck would only return to about 80% of her original condition. Her fierce determination provided her the drive to regain her strength and Michele believes the weight training allowed her to improve her overall conditioning well beyond her pre-accident fitness levels. Years after completing a nutrition degree at the University of Manitoba, Michele arrived in Calgary for a quick trip.  She immediately fell in love with the area and resigned from her health care position to relocate to Calgary to start the next chapter of her life.  She began consulting in a local fitness facility and completed her personal training certification.  Michele later enrolled in a school of traditional Chinese medicine for about 3 years.  It was there that Michele met her husband who has been extremely supportive of her fitness journey and goals. Her preparation for the 2014 season introduced a new balanced approach to her nutrition.  She recognized that participating as a natural fitness athlete means that she never stops learning about her training or how to properly fuel her body.  Michele became part of Team LEAN, based out of Hartford, Connecticut, working with coach John Yobst, and has greatly enjoyed the online team experience with her colleagues located in several different cities. During the fall of 2014, Michele competed in four pro-level fitness shows in the United States. • October 11th, 2014, IFPA Gaspari Nutrition Pro, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, 4th place Figure • October 25th, 2014, IFPA Yorton Cup Pro World Championship, Washington, D.C., 7th place Figure Short Class • November 8th, 2014, WNBF Pro Masters American/Monster Mash, Worcester, Massachusetts, 2nd place Figure, cash prize $500.00 USD • November 15th, 2014, WNBF World Championships, Boston, Massachusetts, 11th place Figure Short Class For Michele Tse, competing at a world-class level in fitness shows