2015-16 Westphalia Press Catalog - Page 9

History Spying on America: Leon G. Turrou’s The Nazi Spy Conspiracy in America Leon Turrou was the FBI agent closest to the Nazi spy ring in America in the late 1930s. His leaks to the American press and the book he was allegedly writing led to him being fired from the Bureau by J. Edgar Hoover. An Early Theosophical Controversy By C. Jinarajadasa The famous theosophist leader H.P. Blavatsky (1831-1891) claimed to be in contact with the Adepts, the mysterious Tibetan prophets and seers whose teachings inspired the early Theosophical movement. The Thomas Starr King Dispute: Acceptance and Unveiling of the Statues of Junipero Serra and Thomas Starr King The Reverend Thomas Starr King took a struggling Unitarian pulpit in a San Francisco that in the 1850s and soon found himself involved in the desperate fight to keep California in the Union and slave free. The French Foreign Legion: David King’s Ten Thousand Shall Fall The non-fictional reality is rather more stark and gritty, and perhaps this volume is much closer to the truth—even if Gary Cooper and Victor Mature (who both starred in Legion film potboilers) had a better time of it. Baronial Bedrooms: The Kama Sutra of Grand Design By Barbara Billauer Bailey A grand tour of 700 years of palatial bedrooms spanning four continents and ten countries. Beginning at a time when the bedroom supplanted the salon or parlor, this book distills the essence of decorative features. Harvard University Songs by E. F. DuBois At Harvard Eugene Floyd DuBois (1882-1959) was business editor of the Harvard Lampoon, the humor magazine, and rowed. The collection he gathered as a young student preserves the enthusiasm of another era. 9