2015-16 Westphalia Press Catalog - Page 7

History The Discovery of the Five Great Lakes by Sara Stafford The Great Lakes’ history has taken on additional importance as foreign marine life has threatened their unique fishing resources, and pollution has intruded on their purity. The History of Playing Cards: Anecdotes for Their Use in Conjuring, Fortune Telling & Card Sharping by Rev. Ed. S. Taylor The History of Playing Cards offers a comprehensive look at the history and usage of cards, tracing their movements through India, China, the Middle East, and through Europe, with a heavy emphasis on cards in France and England. Taylor included a great deal of illustrations, highlighting cards from the 15001800s. California Chinese Chatter by Albert Dressler California Chinese Chatter contains telegrams sent in 1874 between Chinese citizens living in Downieville, California, and a court transcript of the murder trial of Ah Jake. It offers a unique view of the difficulties that Chinese immigrants had in the United States, particularly in the midst of so much racism that eventually led to the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. Vigilante Days and Ways: The Pioneers of the Rockies by Nathaniel Pitt Langford Vigilante Days and Ways highlights the bloody history of the area by focusing on the activity of criminals, and the equally bloody means of enacting justice when the criminals were captured, either by law or by vigilantes. Baghdad and Points East by Robert J. Casey Cited for bravery in World War I, Robert Casey then spent twenty-seven years as a columnist for the Chicago Daily News. His search for stories took him to Indochina and Cuba, the Pitcairn Islands and London during the Blitz, the D-Day invasion, and the liberation of Paris. The Wisdom of Thomas Starr King: Thomas Starr King’s Substance and Show Thomas Starr King left a brilliant career in Boston to go to San Francisco in 1860, where his convincing oratory was credited with keeping California firmly on the Union side in the Civil War. Along ݥѠ