2015-16 Westphalia Press Catalog - Page 5

Policy Disaster Response: Medical and Health Policies Edited by Arnauld Nicogossian and Bonnie Stabile This is an excellent resource for those in the medical field or who assist with disaster planning. It offers analysis from pressing issues such as earthquakes, cyber attacks, and anti-microbial drug resistance, to offer insight on how to have successful NGO and global partnerships, crowdsourcing relief and other ways to successfully mitigate issues. World Food Policy Edited by Keokam Kraisoraphong Authors of the papers to shed light on current and emerging global, regional and national policy agenda for food. The papers in this and the following two issues reflect wide-ranging scope of the journal both in terms of subject matter and method and its aim to promote exchange and dialogue between academic and policy communities. Spring or Cruel Winter?: The Evolution of the Arab Revolutions by Dr. Alon Ben Meir Dr. Ben-Meir evaluates the countries involved in the Arab Spring and their varying responses to the widespread calls for equality and social and political reforms across the Middle East. He examin