2015-16 Westphalia Press Catalog - Page 31

Material History & Antiquarian Interest A Definitive Commentary on Bookplates: Edward Gordon Craig’s Nothing, or The Bookplate Edward Gordon Craig’s daring stage sets and use of masks were many years ahead of their time. His work with bookplates is too little remembered, but the designs are a wonderful introduction to his aesthetic theories and his experiments with light and shadow, as this unique volume illustrates. Understanding Art: Hendrik Willem Van Loon’s How to Look at Pictures Edited and Introduced by Daniel Gutierrez Hendrik Willem van Loon was a Dutch-American professor, journalist, prolific writer, and illustrator. How to Look at Pictures remains a classic attempt to promote and integrate the arts as part of the everyday life in American society. The Amenities of Book Collecting by A. Edward Newton with a new introduction by Katherine Mead-Brewer Newton offers a unique compilation of literary history, autobiography, travel writing, and, of course, the history of book collecting. Through these essays and reflections, Newton presents his own travels, collecting goals and expeditions, relationships, and interests as an introduction, for the layman and budding collector alike, to the surprisingly wide world and art of serious book collecting. Material History and Ritual Objects: George Blake Dexter’s The Lure of Amateur Collecting Edited and Introduced by Devin Proctor This book follows the ‘gratifications’ of George Blake Dexter, wealthy hobbyist and world traveler. Equally problematic and charming, Dexter’s adventures of acquisition take readers into a world of passionate collecting available to a privileged few. Unitarian Bibliography: H. McLachlan's The Unitarian College Library by H. McLachlan, Introduction by Paul Rich Three major collections of Unitarian and Nonconformist literature in Britain are at Luther King House in Manchester, Harris Manchester College in Oxford University, and the Dr. Williams Library in London. This book gives important information about the Unitarian antecedents of the Luther King library. To purchase any of our works, please visit our website, westphaliapress.org, for convenient links to buy them on Amazon and Kindle. 31