2015-16 Westphalia Press Catalog - Page 30

Education Negro Poetry and Drama: Revisiting the Voices of Early African American Figures by Sterling A. Brown, Preface by Whitney Sheperd By showcasing the various works and biographies of black writers, Negro Poetry uncovers and celebrates voices of the past, offering unique stories which had previously been marginalized or otherwise ignored within the American canon. Complete with the original discussion questions at the end of each chapter, this edition of Negro Poetry gives us a glimpse of the steps African Americans took in the fight towards equality. Old Time Schools and School Books by Clifton Johnson, Introduction by Rahima Schwenkbeck Primers and other early American schoolbooks were often lost due to years of use, neglect and eventually becoming outdated. Clifton Johnson draws from his vast collection of school books in order to offer readers a taste of the insides of these books. Although nearly a century old, the book offers a thoughtful and engaging look at the early roots of education in the United States. Material History & Antiquarian Interest Bookplates of the Kings: Christine Price’s Catalogue of Royal Bookplates Plates as a reflection of the times have continued to multiply and, with the advent of the ebook, a growing number of plates are appended to electronic books. Royal bookplates, as this volume illustrates, are an important aspect of the subject. Collecting Old Books: Percy Fitzgerald’s The Book Fancier Percy Fitzgerald’s observations and prejudices about his favorites will inevitably start a conversation with those who agree or disagree with him, as he reaches out from the page to grab the hand of fellow browsers to sit and talk for a while. Collecting American Presidential Autographs: Paul C. Richards’ The Presidents of the United States of America The enthusiasm of getting a set of presidential signatures is something of a comment on the energetic American historical emphasis on the country’s chief executives. Paul C. Richards’ scarce volume is a useful guide to a subject marked by increasingly high prices in the auction rooms. 30