2015-16 Westphalia Press Catalog - Page 28

Biography On Foreign Service by T. T. Jeans This story is based on T.T. Jeans’ experiences in various parts of the world. It describes life aboard a modern man-of-war, and attempts to show how the command of the sea exercises a controlling influence on the issue of land operations. Ocean Life in the Old Sailing Ship Days by John D. Whidden John D. Whidden wrote this work in 1908, partly as a memoir, but also to offer a snippet of the “old sailing ship days” before major changes occurred to its business environment, fundamentally changing its nature. The First Forty-Niner and the Story of the Golden Tea-Caddy by James A. B. Scherer Samuel Brannan is believed to have been the first millionaire created by the Gold Rush. Among other things, Brannan is also noted for founding the California Star newspaper, relocating with other Mormons from New York to California, and running a store capitalizing on gold fever. Oriental Rambles Authored by George W. Caldwell M.D. This work is neither guidebook nor romance, but the real story of remarkable adventures in an era when travel was neither routine nor mundane, and never routine. en Español Mexico En Marcha Authored by Manuel Eduardo Hubner Los que juzgan el movimiento social y político de México a través de las doctrinas recientes se encuentran generalmente con dificultades teóricas insalvables. Es una obra ardiente, entusiasta, escrita con claridad y buen método expositivo. Es una obra que hacía falta no solo en Chile, sino en todo el continente americano. 28