2015-16 Westphalia Press Catalog - Page 25

Folkways Bohemian San Francisco: Its Restaurants and Their Most Famous Recipes by Clarence E. Edwords Clarence E. Edwords’ book is both a culinary history that remains a reference and a reminder of just how different San Francisco has always been, despite how we think it just recently became the capital of the unconventional. Gilded Play: Mary J. Jacques’s Pranks and Pastimes Introduced by Devin Proctor This “Book of Games, Parlor Performances and Puzzles” is a reprint of an original 1888 edition that promised the wealthy hours upon hours of diversion from boredom with guessing games, pantomimes, word games, outlined charades, and so on. In its use of traditional European games mixed with American stereotypes, it is a unique look into the temperament of the times. Naturism in the United States: Frances and Mason Merrill’s Nudism Comes to America This controversial book has been a stalwart part of the reading lists of those attracted to naturism. The complex relationship that involves nudity with disciplines as disparate as yoga and environmentalism makes the subject perennially pertinent. Frances and Mason Merrill traveled widely and exhaustively to produce a survey of permanent usefulness. Lariats and Lassos: Bernard S. Mason’s How to Spin a Rope This short introduction to the basics of the lasso was almost a bible to generations of backyard enthusiasts. Certainly it is a reminder of a time when having fun did not require a flat screen. Outlining Magic Circles: Jessie Bancroft’s Games for the Playground, Home, School, and Gymnasium Introduced by Devin Proctor Games for the Playground, Home, School, and Gymnasium, first published in 1909, has been called “the most comprehensive and scholarly book on games.” It contains rules and variations of hundreds of games for schools, summer camps, and parties. To purchase any of our works, please visit our website, westphaliapress.org, for convenient links to buy them on Amazon and Kindle. 25