2015-16 Westphalia Press Catalog - Page 23

Fiction The Torch of Liberty by Frederic Arnold Kummer, Illustrated by Kreigh Collins The Torch of Liberty features several Greek stories highlighting the development of democracy. Frederic Arnold Kummer was the son of a German emigrant who fought in the Civil War and helped found Kummer & Becker, the Baltimore banking firm who were agents for the North German Lloyd Steamship Line. Roads of Adventure Authored by Ralph D. Paine Ralph Delahaye Paine (1871-1925) owed part of his swashbuckling success as a writer to connections forged at Yale’s secret society Skull and Bones and to an early friendship with the publisher William Randolph Hearst, for whom he covered the Spanish American War as well as the Boxer Rebellion in China. Horatio Alger Series In cooperation with American Public University Edited and Introduced by Dr. Wallace Boston Careers in the Face of Challenge: Horatio Alger’s Telegraph Boy The young Horatio Alger heroes often sold newspapers or delivered telegrams, a reminder of how technology has moved on. The reader will find this prototypical Alger story both a good read and food for thought in an era when the technology has indeed moved on but the cha