2015-16 Westphalia Press Catalog - Page 22

Fiction John Hawke's Fortune: A Story of Monmouth's Rebellion by G. A. Henty George Alfred Henty covered the Austro-Italian War, the 1868 British invasion of Ethiopia, the Franco-Prussian War, the Ashanti Wars, the Turco-Serbian War and rebellions in Spain. As a man of his times, in ideology he was an imperialist who believed in the values of the British Empire. The Young Vigilantes: A Story of California Life in the 1850s by Samuel Adams Drake The California Gold Rush really was a bonanza. Between 1849 and 1855 more than $400 million dollars was gathered by the miners; once adjusted, it is a sum today reaching into the trillions. It was a social phenomenon marked by the carnivalesque. The Young Vigilantes offers a fictionalized account of California life at the time. Captain Bayley's Heir: A Tale of the Gold Fields of California by G. A. Henty George Alfred Henty was a war correspondent and novelist. He became known for his young protagonists--the “Henty heroes”--because they exemplified the cool, calm, intelligent qualities that he identified with the public school—in the British sense of private boarding school—lads who served the Empire. He authored more than 122 novels. Bugle Echoes: A Collection of the Poetry of the Civil War by Francis F. Browne Bugle Echoes offers a vast collection of poetry illustrating the lived experiences of the Civil War. The collection was edited by Francis Fisher Browne (1843-1913) who fought in the Civil War as a soldier in the Forty-Sixth Massachusetts Volunteers. Indian and Scout: A Tale of the Gold Rush to California by F. S. Brereton, Illustrated by Cyrus Cuneo Frederick Sadleir Brereton (1852-1957) served in the Royal Army Medical Corps during World War I. Brereton wrote a variety of stories, most of which focused on conflicts around the world. Indian and Scout is his imagining of the California Gold Rush. Tales of Old Japan by A. B. Mitford It was during his service in Japan, in 1871, that he wrote Tales of Old Japan. The book introduced a whole new audience to Japanese culture and folklore, and is considered a milestone in East-West understanding. 22