2015-16 Westphalia Press Catalog - Page 20

Nature Eben Holding's Last Day A-Fishing by Irving Bacheller Addison Irving Bacheller (1859-1950) wrote a great deal of fiction drawing on life in the Adirondacks of New York State. His works were often best sellers, including Eben Holden: A Tale of the North Country, The Light in the Clearing, and A Man for the Ages. No Bird Lacks Feathers: William Atherton Dupuy’s Our Bird Friends and Foes William Atherton Dupuy managed to combine a career in public service, playing a role in the Department of the Interior, with the writing of a number of books distinguished by the care he gave to selecting artists and orchestrating an unusually close connection between the illustrations and text. His observations on bird life remain both entertaining and insightful. The Florida Fisherman’s Bible: Moise N. Kaplan’s Big Game Angler’s Paradise When Moise Kaplan’s massive review of Florida fishing appeared, it was on the publisher’s list in the company of authors such as Ernest Hemingway and Sherwood Anderson. Packed with anecdotes about the joys and frustrations of Florida fishing, it is a necessity for anyone interested in the exciting history of big game fishing. Fishing the Florida Keys: Wendell Endicott’s Adventures with Rod and Harpoon Along the Florida Keys Few people connect Endicott House, the famous conference center of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with fishing in Florida, but it is a memorial to one of America’s most enthusiastic sports fishermen, Wendell Endicott. This book is his magnum opus, an important piece of Florida history and a lasting contribution to folklore an