2015-16 Westphalia Press Catalog - Page 15

Freemasonry & Fraternalism Ivanhoe Masonic Quartettes by Thomas C. Pollack with a new preface by Sion M. Honea The numerous initiatory degrees which are staged by Masonic organizations are generally plays in which the candidate is a principal actor. This ready market for a whole variety of solos, marches, choruses, and timely thematic interludes has included quartets such as are in the Ivanhoe collection. President John Quincy Adams’ Quarrel with the Freemasons Edited and Introduced by Guillermo De Los Reyes President John Quincy Adams not only scorned Freemasonry but opposed college secret societies as well, and his feelings about secrecy continue to be of interest as in a new era we face Wikileaks and other challenges to covert activities. Freemasonry in Canada by Sheppard Osborne Since its appearance in 1915, Freemasonry in Canada has been a starting point for any serious discussion of Canadian lodge history. It was remarkable in its time for covering not only developments in the Canadian provinces but also the course of special Masonic groups. L’Enfant and the Freemasons: H. Paul Caemmer’s The Life of Pierre Charles L’Enfant Edited and Introduced by Guillermo De Los Reyes It was Caemmerer who dispelled the belief that L’Enfant was an engineer, and found that he studied in the French Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture under his own father. New Sources on Women and Fre