2015-16 Westphalia Press Catalog - Page 12

History An Oration Delivered Before the Municipal Authorities of the City of Boston by Thomas Starr King Thomas Starr King delivered this famous address while at the pinnacle of his career as minister of the Hollis Street Church in Boston. It was no small accomplishment in a city which, at the time, nurtured a host of famous orators. Such acts earned from Lincoln the remark that he was “the orator who saved the nation.” Engineering America: The Rise of the American Professional Class, 1838-1920 Edited by Edward Rhodes In a single lifespan in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, America passed through an extraordinary economic and social transformation. This study focuses on a single, unexceptional case, examining the process and experience through the eyes of a single participant. Bulletin of the Philosophical Society of Washington Vol. IV Authored by Philosophical Society Washington This 1881 volume demonstrates the extraordinary history of the Society. Noting that more than 200 consecutive meetings had been held, it includes an address by E.M. Gallaudet on deafness, by John Wesley Powell on the limits to the use of data, and no less than two addresses by Alexander Graham Bell. How George Rogers Clark Won the Northwest and Other Essays in Western History by Reuben Gold Thwaites George Rogers Clark’s expedition was of immense importance to both the United States and Canada. But for him, Canada’s border arguably would be much further south. His younger brother William, in partnership with Meriwether Lewis is perhaps better known for an adventure that gave Americans a continental vision. A Trip to Palestine and Syria Authored by John P. Hackenbroch In 1913, the same year that this nuanced and colorful account of the Middle East was published, a group of Arab students living in Paris proposed an international meeting about Syria and Lebanon. Of course World War I began in July 1914 and the Arab Congress of 1913 was not replicable. Nor of course were the travels of John Hackenbroch in this volume. Death Valley in '49 Authored by William Lewis Manly The discovery of gold at Sutter’s Mills in California in 1848 caused thousands to give up their homes in the eastern states and head West. To avoid the Sierra Mountains, which in winter could be deadly, a party led by William Lewis Manly (1820-1903) attempted to follow a trail that took them through Death Valley. 12