2015-16 Westphalia Press Catalog - Page 10

History Secret Chambers and Hiding Places by Allan Fea The work focuses on English history and bolt holes of Catholic priests during the mid to late 1500s, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Fea’s work discusses long and short term hiding places, tunnels and other associated architectural curiosities. Old Towpaths: The Story of the American Canal Era by Alvin F. Harlow Alvin Fay Harlow wrote on many historical subjects, including mailing services, waybills, the telegraph, stamp collecting and education. This work offers an illustrated history of the canal era. The Victor Book of the Opera Introduction by Matthew Brewer The Victor Book of the Opera is a valuable reference for both operatic cognoscenti, and those just beginning to explore this historic art form. It carries on the proud tradition of operatic synopsis compendiums with a rich array of historic photos and recording references. Egypt and Its Betrayal by Elbert E. Farman Elbert E. Farman was the United States Ambassador to Egypt, where he served from 1876-81. In Betrayal, Farman sharply criticizes the many labor, architectural and financial issues that the English occupation had caused in Egypt. Colonial American History: The Essential Story by Dr. Robert Owens This work is written for non-Historians, and is a handy easy-to-read condensed look at Early American History. It is composed of short chapters each of which is designed to be a stand-alone treatment of a segment of time. British Letters: Illustrative of Character and Social Life by Edward T. Mason Edward Tuckerman Mason (1847-1911) published several anthologies. This volume is perhaps the most interesting of the three collections he compiled, as it presented his somewhat eccentric but entertaining view of British culture. 10