2014 Shoshone Wilderness Adventures Catalog - Page 8

Trophy Muskox Hunt in the Northwest Territories #6 We offer both a spring and a fall muskox hunt, based out of the timy Inuit village of Holman, on the Arctic Ocean. Commercial airlines fly there, via Yellowknife. From there, transportation is either by boat or quads (in the fall), and snowmobile in the spring. There are advantages and disadvantages to both hunt. If you want a true “arctic” experience, go in the spring. The temperatures may dip to 50 degrees below zero, and the ride in the sled behind the snowmobile will test your endurance to take a pounding. The hair though, in the spring, is at its very finest. Cabin accommodations. Rustic, at best. You will be hunting with Inuit guides. Do not expect gourmet meals. The fall hunt (late August) features warmer temperatures (warmer than the spring, not warm), with spot and stalk style hunting. Great bowhunts. Price includes roundtrip airfare from Edmonton to Holman. 6 Day 1x1 Muskox Hunt $8700.00 USD 2nd Muskox $2587.50 USD America’s Premier Hunting Consultants 8