2014 Shoshone Wilderness Adventures Catalog - Page 12

Fantastic Hunt/Vacation in Spain #5 Many hunters have wives, who also like to go on vacation. I first found this great hunt years ago, because my wife, Anita, whose family is originally from Spain, wanted to visit there. Well, spending a week looking at old churches and art museums is not exactly my cup of tea. However, staying in an old bullfighting estancia, and hunting Red Stag, Wild Boar, Gredos Ibex, Red Legged Partridge, and Fallow Deer turned into one of my most memorable hunting adventures. While I hunted, my wife and daughter visited old world Spanish villages, and rode horses among the fighting bulls, trained right there on the ranch. If you want to see the real Spanish countryside, and not just the tourist traps of Madrid, then this is a hunt I can highly recommend. I must warn you, the Ibex hunt is for guys that are in shape. The red stages here are not large, by New Zealand standards, but they still make a wonderful trophy. America’s Premier Hunting Consultants (406) 375-8400 12 12