2014 Shoshone Wilderness Adventures Catalog - Page 9

Coast Mountains B.C. Mt. Goat Hunt #8 The Coast Mountains of B.C. are home to the largest Mountain Goats in North America, and this outfitter specializes in hunting them. With over 4000 square miles of territory, and 30 high country lakes to access that territory via floatplane, this hunt is as good as it gets. Once the plane has landed, then these are classic backpacking hunts. The better shape you are in, the more you will enjoy the hunt. Looking for a B&C goat? This is one our of best options. Goats can be hunted here in the fall or winter! Winter hunt utilizes ATVs. Stay in a warm lodge. Fall hunt best for bowhunters. 8 Day 1x1 Fall Mt. Goat Hunts $10,400 plus $2000 trophy fee 8 Day 1x1 Winter Mt. Goat Hunt $17,900 plus $2000 trophy fee. (406) 375-8400 www.shoshonewilderness.com 9