2014 Shoshone Wilderness Adventures Catalog - Page 11

Hunt Driven Partridge in Spain Stay on a beautiful, bull fighting estancia, located near Salamanca, Spain, and shoot hundreds of driven partridge every day. Terrific cuisine, great hospitality, terrific shooting experience. Big game (Red Stag, Ibex, Mouflon, Fallow Deer, Wild Boar) can also be hunted here. Terrific people, family run operation. Absolutely first class in all respects. Daily Rates Hunters: 300 Euros per day (approximately $400 U.S.) Non-hunters: 195 Euros per day (approximately $260 U.S.) First Bag of 500 birds 32 Euros per bird ($42.50 U.S.) Bag over 500 birds: 30 Euros per bird ($40.00 U.S.) (406) 375-8400 www.shoshonewilderness.com 11