2014 Shoshone Wilderness Adventures Catalog - Page 10

High Volume Mexico Dove Shoot First class operation, located on beautiful Kino Bay, on the Sea of Cortez, in northwestern Mexico. Hunters are met at Hermosillo airport, which is easily accessed from L.A. or Phoenix. Hunters stay in a comfortable lodge, and enjoy Mexican hospitality and cuisine at its finest. Expect to shoot hundreds of rounds on this hunt. Both Mourning Dove and Whitewings. November to March season. There will be a morning and evening shoot each day. Price includes airport pickup, meals, lodging, hunt transportation, beer and local beverages. PACKAGE 1 $2,000 Length of hunt: 4 nights, 6 shoots. PACKAGE 2 $1,750 Length of hunt: 3 nights, 4 shoots. America’s Premier Hunting Consultants 10