2014 Shoshone Wilderness Adventures Catalog - Page 52

Tanzania Hunt #13 7 Day 2x1 Cape Buffalo Special!!! $11,500 We developed this special for our American clients that want to experience the real Africa, in a no-nonsense, no frills, affordable wilderness camp, with great Cape Buffalo hunting. The above price includes all your meals, ground transportation, transport to the hunting area, lodging, 2x1 guiding, and the trophy fee on one buffalo. Plains game is limited, but you and your hunting partner (combined) can take the following animals: 1 Warthog ($600), 1 Wildebeest ($1200), 1 Hartebeest ($1200), 1 Zebra ($1480), 1 Impala ($450). This hunt is designed for hard core hunters, that have dreamed all their life of taking a great Cape Buffalo. For those desiring a more luxurious camp, the outfitter also offers the full blown, luxurious camp that Tanzania is well known for. November & December only dates. America’s Premier Hunting Consultants 52