2014 Shoshone Wilderness Adventures Catalog - Page 3

Dear Sportsmen, Shoshone Wilderness Adventures P.O. Box 520 Hamilton, MT 59840 Africa!!! Whether you dream of going there for the first time, or john@shoshonewilderness.com are a veteran of many safaris, you always dream of going again. Once Africa hunting gets in your blood, it is a lifelong affliction, with only one known cure. Start planning another safari!! Many hunters think they can’t afford an African safari. The truth is, a good plains game hunt for a half dozen trophy species costs about the same as a top quality elk hunt in North America. You can easily hunt Cape Buffalo and Plains game for the price of a Dall Sheep or Alaskan-Yukon Moose hunt. For the older hunter, Africa is great, because most species, while requiring some walking, the country tends to be flatter, and the weather warmer, at least in mid-day. These are hunts that you can bring along your wife, or the whole family. Shared memories of an African safari are irreplaceable. It simply doesn’t get any better. Let us help you plan your next great hunting adventure. John Andre President Shoshone Wilderness Adventures America’s Premier Hunting Consultants (406) 375-8400 2 www.shoshonewilderness.com 3