2014 Military Special Needs Network Holiday Guide Winter 2014 - Page 30

COST | $3~5 per person

* Homemade Jam or Preserves - Here is my breakdown for pricing: pectin - 50 cents per jar, I use organic sugar so $1.00 per jar cost for that, roughly a dollar per jar for the cost of the actual jar, and roughly $2 per jar for strawberries. This is a net cost of $4.50 per jar, excluding electricity/gas costs; and any decorations you may add to the half-pint jar.

* Salt or Sugar Scrub - Simply visit one of a million Pinterest options to find a salt or sugar scrub that appeals to you. Your most expensive part of this gift is going to be the mason jar or other container. You'll also need an oil base, salt or sugar, a scent (make sure you use a skin safe essential oil - not all of them are, you know - or fragrance oil), and perhaps a colorant. You'll also need to decorate the jar and make a tag.

* Class-sized Goodie Platter - disposable large platter tray, various assortment of homemade baked goods, sprinkled liberally with Hershey's Kisses or Dove Chocolates. Wrap in cellophane and bring along individual sized bags for teachers and aides to help themselves and take home their favorites. *Please remember with all baked goods to respect school and classroom allergy guidelines, if applicable. It would also be best practice to list your ingredients used.

COST | $5-$8 person

* $5 Starbucks Gift Card - or local favorite!

* Godiva - you can get a chocolate bar or four piece sampler for between $4-$8.

* A pair of socks, small lotion - or - a bubble bath set.

Regardless of what you give, a heartfelt "thank you" will go a long way in conveying your appreciation for the love and care that your child's teammembers provide throughout the year.

30 2014 MSNN Holiday Guide / November, 2014