2014 Beef Checkoff Annual Report - Page 14

PRODUCER COMMUNICATIONS Checkoff programs funded through the “producer communications” budget category focus on communicating to beef producers and importers who invest in the checkoff program the results of their investments. This includes a national advertising campaign and paid media efforts, as well as direct communications with checkoff leadership, state beef councils, livestock markets and other industry partners. Making Checkoff Info Easier to Find A new MyBeefCheckoff.com provides an easy to navigate selection of checkoff resources and program results. The new site also has a new “Meeting Center” that provides checkoff meeting and committee materials and information all in one place. The website remake modernizes and simplifies organization of materials and makes everything accessible. In addition, it is “responsive,” which means it views the same on all electronic devices, from computer to tablet to smartphone. Breaking Through with Checkoff Messages The FY 2014 “Did You Know?” producer-communications ad campaign proved very effective in ag publications. For example, an ad featuring CBB Chairman Kim Brackett in BEEF magazine was No. 1 in the entire edition measured for “read half or more” and No. 2 for “remember seeing.” Subsequent additions to the campaign continued to perform well and included print, online and video testimonials from cow-calf producers Troy and Stacy Hadrick, stocker and feedlot operator Roger Clift and cow-calf producer Dawn Caldwell, as well as a new “Did You Know?” video commercial. Grille d Top with Italia Sirloin n Salsa Filets Verde DID YOU “Our beef checkoff has invested in market research to better understand millennials — those consumers between the ages of 20 and 34 and now the largest generation. Most millennials gather their information through their smartphones or tablets, so our beef checkoff promotion efforts are adjusting to engage this generation of beef eaters.” K i m Bra ck ett Ro ge r Clif t Stocker & feed lot oper ator MyBeefCheckoff.com I helpe heart-hd develop six ne ealth w y-ce “Thank rtified s now eas to our che beef cko cuts? store or ily spot hea ff investm ent rt-h new extr when dining ealthy bee , consumers f can recipes a-lean bee out. Our che cuts in the f cuts grocer — alon ckoff iden y by the — that have Am been cer g with eas tified six Heart-C erican Hea y-to tified as “heart- -prepare the Hea heck mark. rt Association hea Nearly purcha rt-Check ma 75% of and now car lthy” se a pro rk sho ry duct.” improves the ppers say the that While likeliho you od the your che and Rog y will er help kee ckoff is sha are manag ing ring p bee f center beef’s nut your operati ritional ons, of the plate. benefit s to Funded by the Beef Checkoff. CB31179_DidYouKnow_KB_8.5x11.indd 1 Extending ROI Messages To share the positive messages of the checkoff’s Return on Investment study in 2014, the checkoff developed a comprehensive landing page, “Measuring Value of Checkoff Programs,” populated with dozens of print, trade show, and social-media materials that show the results from every angle. The producer-communications team also customized ROI materials, by request, for more than a dozen state beef councils. In August alone, the campaign led to 486 media reports, 639 tweets, 186 Facebook posts, 484,000 TV viewers, 732,552 ad impressions, and 8,700 website visits that garnered 27,000 page views. 14 While you and Kim are managing your operations, your checkoff is reaching this technology-savvy generation of consumers through all types of social and online media. Cow-calf producer Getting Social With Investors A growing number of checkoff investors are engaging in important checkoff conversations on the My Beef Checkoff Facebook page and through the My Beef Checkoff Twitter handle. The two platforms have a combined following of more than 14,000 individuals and tremendous engagement, with a combined monthly reach of about 80,000 people. DID YOU KNOW KNOW I talk with millennials on Facebook about beef’s benefits? 5/13/14 4:18 PM MyBeefC heckoff .com Funded by the Beef Chec koff.