2014 Beef Checkoff Annual Report - Page 12

INDUSTRY INFORMATION In 2014, checkoff-funded programs in the “Industry Information” budget category focused on developing information, marketing strategies, tools for increasing industry efficiency and activities that enhance the image of the cattle industry. Protecting Consumer Confidence in Beef On a daily basis in FY14, the checkoff responded to misinformation and requests for information about beef issues, ranging from antibiotics to hormones to environmental impacts of raising beef. In July, for example, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences released a report claiming that greenhouse gas emissions from beef are five times greater than any other animal protein, and the lead author encouraged people to eat less beef. Dr. Kim Stackhouse, the checkoff’s director of sustainability research, helped review the study and develop a checkoff media statement in response, noting, in part: “This study represents a gross oversimplification of the complex systems that make up the beef value chain.” The statement was picked up and syndicated by the Associated Press and resulted in more than 40 news articles nationwide—including some major urban broadcast outlets. In addition to being able to provide quick direct responses, the checkoff builds consumer confidence by increasing transparency through FactsAboutBeef.com, with strong website copy, fact sheets, infographics, videos and third-party expert blogs to help debunk beef myths of every ilk. The website, which also features farmers and ranchers proactively sharing information about how they raise beef, enjoyed a 300-percent increase in traffic in 2014, while the associated @BeefFacts social-media property recorded a 200-percent increase. 300 in traffic in 2014 Bruce Dopslauf LaGrange TX 12 Dave Edmiston Brady TX Chuck Kiker III Beaumont TX Paul Looney, Jr. Mineral TX Steven Mafrige Tilden TX Tim Pennell, Westhott TX Larry Pratt Eliasville Charlie Risinger Terrell TX TX Sugie Sartwelle Sealy TX