2014 Beef Checkoff Annual Report - Page 10

FOREIGN MARKETING Mindful that 95 percent of the global population lives outside of the U.S., the checkoff promotes U.S. beef in more than 80 countries worldwide. Results in 2014 were impressive, with U.S. beef exports during the first 10 months of the year valued at $5.87 billion —15 percent ahead of the record pace in 2013 — and volume up 3 percent to more than 220 million pounds. Developing Marketing Channels in Taiwan To build on demand growth for U.S. beef in Taiwan, the checkoff helped further develop channels for marketing high-quality chilled beef and introduced competitively priced alternative cuts to a wider range of Taiwanese buyers. Efforts the checkoff helped fund included seminars for Taiwan’s foodservice operators, retailers and importers about the quality and value of the petite tender and clod heart and demonstrating how these cuts can add quality and variety to menus at an economical price. A two-day seminar in August drew nearly 100 food industry professionals and included a segment with Dr. Wu Yun-Chu of Tung Hai University, who addressed many common misperceptions about the safety of U.S. beef. The results? Through the first 10 months of the year, the value of U.S. beef exports to Taiwan was 16 percent ahead of 2013, at $242.6 million, while volume was up 7 percent for the 10-month period, reaching 63.2 million pounds. With a strong finish, export value will easily exceed the 2013 calendar year record of $254.4 million. Rebuilding Confidence in South Korea Capitalizing on the growing “steak culture” phenomenon in Korea, the checkoff helped fund an American Steak Week campaign involving South Korean restaurants specializing in U.S. steak dishes. The event was heavily promoted through Facebook and was further showcased by 16 influential food bloggers. American Steak Week also was the focus of an advertorial in the Chosun Ilbo newspaper, which has more than 2.2 million readers, while the high-end lifestyle magazine Luxury ran a six-page advertorial featuring the participating restaurants. Many of these restaurants kept the featured cuts on their regular menus after the promotion ended. The checkoff also helped introduce dry-aged, USDA Prime beef in Korea, which quickly gained traction in high-end restaurants and at retail. And a series of popular “social dining” events in Seoul helped grow demand for U.S. beef among a younger demographic. The results? Through the first 10 months of the year, the value of U.S. beef exports to South Korea was 41 percent ahead of 2013, at nearly 675 million pounds (well ahead of the full-year 2013 value of $609 million), and volume was up 12 percent, reaching about 212 million pounds. Danni Beer Keldron Linda Gilbert Buffalo SD 10 SD Vaughn Meyer Reva SD Gary Sharp Bath Max Bozeman, Jr. Elba, AL SD Southeast Robert Fountain, Jr. Adrian, GA Southeast Craig Kesler Newberry, SC Southeast Willie Bylsma Oakdale, CA Southwest Ted Greidanus Visalia, CA Southwest