2014-2015 College Track Annual Report - Page 2

A LETTER FROM OUR CEO Dear Friends, As a first-generation college graduate, I see myself in our College Track students. I fully understand that while talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not. Four and a half years ago, while working as a middle school principal in Denver, I began looking for college access programs for my students. In my search, I discovered College Track—a program committed not only to making college accessible, but also to supporting students’ preparation, admission, and most importantly, graduation. Today, I am proud to lead an organization that believes in students’ limitless potential and is committed to their long-term success. Our program empowers students to earn their way into the colleges and careers they desire and so richly deserve. Last spring, the students I recruited four years ago as our founding site director in Aurora, Colorado, reached a momentous milestone towards that journey—100 percent of those students were accepted to college! Continuing to build upon our successes, this past year, we successfully launched a regional strategy that allowed us to form deeper partnerships with the school districts, public officials, and supporters in each local community we serve. In addition, we surpassed our four-year goal to double the number of students we serve by 2016 and laid the groundwork to expand our program to Denver. Our 10-year promise offers comprehensive support to each of our students, through both high school and college, helping us to create agents of change who literally transform their families and communities. By investing in our students, you alter the trajectory of their lives and those of generations to come. One such student is Marlene Castro, who after completing our Page 2 College Track Annual Report 2015