2014-2015 College Track Annual Report - Page 11

COLLEGE COMPLETION College Completion supports students through their entire college experience: selecting and applying to best fit colleges, obtaining scholarships and financial aid, and enrolling in and graduating from college. Once in college, students receive one-on-one coaching throughout their college career, assistance with financial aid and scholarships, and support identifying additional resources on their campus. College Completion is committed to ensuring students graduate from a four-year college with no more than $25,000 in debt. Our college support services are enhanced by our 17 partnerships with colleges across the country. OUR SITES During all four years of high school, our students participate in our program at College Track sites. These stand-alone buildings become a second home for our students—where they feel safe, motivated, intellectually curious, and inspired to learn and grow. At each College Track site, we are able to nurture a culture of high expectations and foster a collegegoing mindset. collegetrack.org collegetrack.org Page Page 11 11