2014-15 Canada-China Business Forum Magazine - Page 84

RESOURCE CHECKLIST TOPIC SOURCE WHAT IS COVERED LINK TOPIC SOURCE WHAT IS COVERED LINK Background Information CSR Guide for Multinational Corporations in China; Prosperity with Integrity. Harmony Foundation. 2013 • • History of CSR in China Regulatory framework for CSR in China Chinese national CSR standard(s) How to develop a CSR Strategy Tips for CSR improvements Working with NGOs and other partners in China Frameworks for reporting on CSR harmonyfdn.ca bit.ly/18zZKNn Supply Chain Management Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) • • Supply chain assessment tools Compliance auditing and certification wrapcompliance.org Internal Corporate Engagement A Guide to Corporate Social Responsibility in China. The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai • Start-up kit for building a CSR program in your office amcham-shanghai.org bit.ly/1tBd0HS Trace Select Advisory services • • Due diligence tool Advisory services traceinternational.org veracityworldwide.com Benefits of CSR in China Start-up kit for building a CSR program in your office Engaging in CSR as a SME Engaging in philanthropy Working with charities AmCham Shanghai reviewed NGOs and contact information amcham-shanghai.org bit.ly/1tBd0HS Using Agents and Intermediaries Corruption and Bribery Good Practice Guidance on Internal Controls, Ethics, and Compliance. OECD. 2009 • Practical tips for internal controls to prevent and detect corruption and foreign bribery oecd.org bit.ly/1pQWVwH • Practical guidance on stamping out corruption iccwbo.org bit.ly/1oRbO1M • • • • • A Guide to Corporate Social Responsibility in China. The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai • • • • • • Best Practices: CSR in China. The US-China Business Council. 2006 How to select CSR projects Selecting a partner for CSR projects iprsc.com bit.ly/Ze3Bha Doing Business in China; A Guide for Canadian Exporters and Importers. Export Development Canada International Guidelines & Standards • • ICC Ethics and Compliance Training Handbook. International Chamber of Commerce. 2013 • • Doing business in China Covers a range of topics, and includes links to more sources. edc.ca bit.ly/1t2UXA0 Anti-Corruption Quiz. Export Development Canada. • Quiz to test your knowledge of anti-corruption issues edc.ca bit.ly/1y75g7u UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights • Various ohchr.org bit.ly/18WbEUy Keeping Corruption Out: EDC’s Guide for Canadian Exporters. Export Development Canada • High-level primer on identifying and mitigating corruption edc.ca bit.ly/1EuTANz The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises • Various oecd.org bit.ly/1xprNJv Briber Beware. Export Development Canada • Guidance on preventing bribery in international business edc.ca bit.ly/1rhjsSB Anti-bribery risk assessment • Various traceinternational.org Business principles for countering bribery • Framework to develop anti-corruption programs Monitoring tools transparency.org Corruption Investigations. CKR Global Solutions • Consulting and investigative services ckrglobal.com Starting a Business in China. Doing Business Project. World Bank. IFC • • Types of businesses Business licences doingbusiness.org bit.ly/UxZIRV Doing Business in China. HSBC and PWC. 2012 • • • Setting up business Audits and accountancy Banking hsbc.com.cn bit.ly/1e1orqD IFC Social and Environmental Performance Standards ISO 26000:2010 Global Reporting Initiative A Review of the Available Literature Cover Child Labor in China. CCR CSR. 2009 • • • • • • Standards Guidance notes Va &