2014-15 Canada-China Business Forum Magazine - Page 42

SMALL & MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISES 1. Does your company have prior export experience to at least one foreign market? 11. Does your company have the ability to establish a program for protection of IP including trademark or patent registration, market monitoring, and enforcement strategy? 2. Does your company have a commitment to developing opportunities, including top management support, designation of an internal China sales manager, sales and technical staff who are willing to travel to China frequently, and support staff such as interpreters or translators to facilitate communication with Chinese buyers? 3. Does your company have sufficient financial resources to actively support the marketing of products in China, including translation of product brochures, participation in trade shows, and organization of customer informational seminars? 4. Does your company have the ability to host visits by potential buyers to conclude sales negotiations, facilitate pre-contractual equipment inspections, and provide installation training? 12. Does your company have the commitment to providing domestic and foreign customers equivalent service quality, which may necessit