2013-2014 Stanford CS Newsletter September 2013

September 2013 Compliance Services Newsletter UPDATING THE TEAM ROSTER 12 UNITS. ALL DAY. EVERY DAY. • If your team is competing during the first week of the fall quarter (September 23--27), all of your student-athletes need to be enrolled in at least 12 units prior to competition, or prior to leaving campus for competition. If your team is practicing (but not competing) during the first week of the fall quarter, student-athletes need to be enrolled in at least 12 units by 4 pm on Friday, September 27, to be eligible for practice on Friday afternoon and through the weekend. Please remind your student-athletes that they must always be enrolled in at least 12 units (regardless of withdrawals or drops) throughout the quarter to remain eligible for practice and competition. All coaches are responsible for maintaining their team rosters throughout the year. Coaches -- please check your 2013-14 team roster in the ACS database (Team Manager). If you need to add a student-athlete to your roster or drop a student-athlete from your roster, please stop by the Compliance Services Office to obtain the relevant form. Roster Drop forms are required when: • A student-athlete quits a team. • A student-athlete is cut from a team. • A student-athlete takes a leave of absence. • A student-athlete is off-campus for study abroad. Roster Add forms are required when: • A walk-on is being added to the roster. • A student-athlete returns from a leave of absence. • A student-athlete returns from study abroad. Please remember all student-athletes must attend an eligibility meeting, receive a physical, and have their eligibility certified by Compliance Services before they can be added to a roster, including male practice players. Please contact Shannon Wilson in the CS Office if you have any questions about your 2013-14 team roster. • • DOUBLE-CHECK A RECRUIT’S YEAR IN SCHOOL PRIOR TO FIRST EMAIL OR PHONE CALL During the past year, we have had a few violations in which Stanford coaches had impermissible recruiting communication with high school students due to miscommunication regarding a recruit’s graduation date. This miscommunication can be a result of the recruit providing incorrect information on his/her questionnaire, incorrect information on a game program/roster, or a data-entry error with a sport’s recruiting database. The Pac-12 Conference Office guideline is that coaches check TWO sources of information for each recruit prior to communicating with the recruitThe only time you should feel comfortable using one source of information to code a recruit is if you are working from a recruit’s high school transcript. Just Axe! compliance question of the month Several Ocean State University men's basketball studentathletes will participate in out-of-season skill instruction during the first week of classes in September. The Media Relations Director always receives questions regarding workout schedules, so he decided to send a press release to local media regarding dates of individual skill instruction and media interview opportunities. IS IT OKAY TO PUBLICIZE OFF-SEASON WORKOUTS? SEE PAGE 2 TO CHECK YOUR ANSWER!