2013-2014 College Track Annual Report - Page 7

much to me. Within a few months, I learned that the architects and I was responsible for explaining I enrolled at San Francisco State University. My great-grandparents were there for me when they my dream of going to college would come true. the technical terms, like parapet to College Track staff. My great-grandfather was my protector. He was my were gone. Just as my grandpa taught me carpentry college, he passed away at 89 years old. Through College Track gave me hands-on experience as a the rest of college, I continued to face more adversity. The house my great-grandparents gave me went under foreclosure and I did not have a place to sleep, no money for food or hope for additional funds go and no one to help me. College Track offered me a scholarship that allowed me to live on campus with spare money for food and I got a job as a part-time tutor at the San Francisco College Track site. skills in middle school when we built a fence together, civil engineer. Nine years after I joined College Track, I became more than a carpenter, I got my college degree in civil engineering and I’m now employed as a project engineer at McGuire & Hester. My great-grandfather gave me my motivation and College Track helped me harness it. I know I will succeed. During my senior year in college, I joined the project team for College Track’s new facility in Bayview- Hunters Point. I participated in weekly meetings with UNITY CIRCLE Unity Circle provides the time and space for our students and staff to connect and appreciate one another, fostering an environment of clear expectations and encouragement. In the simplest terms, the unity circle creates community.